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Parent Portal Video

Having trouble creating your parent portal account? Please take a look at this simple step by step video, for any additional questions give us a call at the front office!
Free Family Support

Free Family Support

REAL Journey Academies is proud to provide a new partnership for therapeutic support for our parents and guardians through the organization Focus on Today, Inc. These services will be offered free of charge to our middle school and high school parents who are interested in ongoing support.

About New Vision Middle School

At New Vision Middle School, we believe in providing exceptional academic support for the diverse learning needs of all our students. We believe it is vital to provide specialized intervention and enrichment opportunities designed to promote growth in a variety of areas including but it limited to core subjects, computer coding, and keyboard proficiency. In addition, we utilize research-based curriculum and instructional practices daily so that we may provide our students an optimal learning experience. Just as we invest our time and resources in the achievement of students, we also spend a great deal of time and resources in training highly effective teachers. Through weekly professional development and teacher collaboration, teachers gain knowledge and skills necessary to offer high quality lessons that engage students to think critically, using various learning styles and rigor. With all that we have to offer, it is safe to say that New Vision Middle School is the place to be if you are looking for a welcoming, high-quality education in the San Bernardino-Highland area.

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