About NVMS

In 2009, Alex Lucero, Jason Roberts, and Dr. Rosa Gonzalez came together and founded New Visions Middle School. Since the beginning, we have believed that a scholar’s key to success is through learning and as such strive to develop self-motivated and competent lifelong learners who will enrich the communities they live in. To assist in this development, we have passed on 10 core values to our students. These core values include responsibility, social justice, perseverance, commitment, scholarship, citizenship, leadership, integrity, respect, and dignity. 


NVMS provides our students with a dynamic environment where reading, writing, and math are the foundations of success. However, we also understand the importance of enriching all aspects of a student’s life and have implemented several after-school programs, training, family activities, clubs, and even sports teams. 


While only in 6th or 7th grade, we are preparing our students for lifelong success. Our Success For All Curriculum prepares students for the job market through a focus on enhancing reading skills. 


Our after-school programs include guitar, homework help, film appreciation, and games. We also offer a student leadership club, art club, dance club, and tennis club. 


For our student-athletes, we offer flag football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis.  


Our campus hosts daily security officers, and we teach students to be kind and seek out win-win situations in order to overcome social challenges. We believe in the importance of mental health and provide students with emotional support by connecting them with counselors and community partners.


At New Vision Middle School, we strongly believe that all students can learn, achieve, and build a bright future.